What You Can Expect From Us

How We’re Different
Are you generally surprised when you receive good service? How often do you receive excellent service? Our commitment to unparalleled service serves as one of our primary objectives. This means you receive better service and more focused attention on your account.

Our goal is to establish strong relationships with each client. Relationships are based upon three fundamental aspects: Honesty, Concern, and Communication.

Honesty is more then just telling the truth. It also means managing expectations and goal setting. Furthermore, if we do not feel that you will benefit from our services, we will surely let you know before we begin our relationship.

Our chief concern is that our clients reach their financial goals. We sincerely believe that people need solid, dependable advice when planning their financial futures. Sure, you can “surf the net” and then try to decipher between good and bad information, or you can count on a trusted investment professional. Our strategy is to strike a comfortable balance between an investments income and  growth potential and your individual risk tolerance.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a financial relationship and is often the most overlooked. Not only do you need to be reassured during a volatile market; we need to be kept informed of life changes that may affect our recommendations.

The Graczyk-Dijak Investment Process

I. Evaluate your present situation
Provide us with your investment account statements and other information about other assets such as residences, land, and private business interests. We will assemble this information in our investment planning software. As time progresses we will update this information and make changes where necessary.

II. Decide upon your financial goals and objectives
This will help us clearly define your income and growth objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance and goals. We will use our software planning tools to create forward-looking projections, allowing us to look at several different scenarios.

III. Allocate your assets
We will advise you on specific investments and educate you on their characteristics.

Key principles:
• Invest, do not speculate
• Know what to expect
• Understand what you own

IV. Monitor your investments
Regularly review your statements and account activity, then correspond with you accordingly.